‘For as long as the web has been in existence, image theft has been rampant. It’s so quick and easy to download and copy images from the internet that it doesn’t even occur to most people that they are using someone else’s property without permission. [Photo sharing sites and social media sites] have made it even more easy (and socially acceptable) to steal images.’ (

It has been said by some that today’s massive repository of on-line images engenders a feeling of entitlement in that that ‘stuff created digitally or on the web’ is common property that’s up for grabs and is available to be copied freely. This is not true of my images. The worldwide copyright of every image I create belongs to me, Dr Stephen Fox.

People and organisations may buy a licence to use my images in various ways but ownership of the images belongs to me solely and never transfers to any other person or organisation. This means I am legally allowed to sell a licence for the same image to many clients but they can only use the image within the terms of the licence; this usually means on their website or promotional material or on private display. They cannot sell or even share the image for free with anyone else; this includes posting on social media.

My images are protected by COPYTRACK ( and the downloading/copying/printing/sharing/acquiring or any other use of my images in whole or in part by any person or organisation is illegal unless they have bought a licence from me. COPYTRACK traces and prosecutes offenders.