About me

My life philosophy is grounded not only in the social justice of critical theory with its attendant pragmatism and call to reflexivity but also in the empowerment yielded by the constructivist paradigm and wherein the more mendacious applications of its consensus truth might better give way to paideia achieved by collaborative bricoleurs.

Whilst not rejecting as entirely illusory the claimed objectivity of the positivist voyeur, I would prefer to rely on relativism as an epistemology and realism as an ontology; a position which I seek to indemnify through Pascalian wager for how could the co-existence of a positivist natural world be denied by a paradigm that makes claims for multiple and concurrent realities?

Nevertheless, I am critical of today’s transitory society wherein commitments are increasingly revocable with resultant entitlement cultures and ineffective affirmative action producing the disgrace of celebrating mediocrity and which, in turn, has led to the ablation of social capital through the dumbing-down of everything. Now there is a wind blowing from the west and we hope it brings a welcome return to higher standards.

All of this said, and despite my many years of MENSA membership, I still wear odd socks occasionally!