First Impressions

‘In a country where they turn back time …’ (Al Stewart. 1976. The Year of The Cat)

One of my great enjoyments in life is arriving in a country for the first time. If you have ever lived overseas or holidayed abroad in new lands then you’ll know the feeling: it’s like being a small child again with senses heightened and many new things to dazzle you.
My very first impression of Australia was that it was like going back to life in England in the 1970s. Not exactly Life on Mars, but getting that way. More, the glorious weather brought about a holiday feeling. Here was Blackpool, Scarborough, Southend, Margate, Brighton, Bournemouth and Torquay all rolled into one … and all year long. All that was missing was a knickerbocker glory!

This is not to say that Australia is backward or 50 years behind the times. Indeed, Australia leads the world in many aspects of medical research, invention and innovation. More, in sports of all kinds, Australia punches way above its weight. Its tourism and hospitality are world class; benchmarks for the rest of the globe.