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My favourite view of Sydney Harbour Bridge (known locally as The Coat-hanger).

I’m not looking and I don’t go hunting. I’m the type who’s got to be found.

Jeremy Brett (English actor)

This website has become one of my new hobbies now that I’ve retired fully. It is part of my new skhēma and consists of blogs that reflect my personal views and opinions gained from my life experiences in Australia since migrating there almost two decades ago. My aim is to share these blogs freely with everyone and especially with aspiring émigrés who may be thinking of moving to Australia.

This is not a commercial website. I am not an influencer. I have no collaboration with any organisation and I do not promote or endorse anything either for money or for free. I am not paid for nor do I seek payment or reward of any kind for the content of this website. That means you can read it without interruption because there is no click-bait to distract you. Also, there are no pop-ups, pop-unders or adverts to hinder you. More, there are no external hyperlinks to other sources which means that readers are free to undertake their own research into areas of interest stimulated by my writing.

Put simply, my aim is to structure this website like the pre-Google and pre-Facebook websites of yore were structured some 25 years ago. That is, a simple structure, format and content that is easy to navigate and free to read without let or hindrance.

Turning to content, some people might see my postings as cathartic outpourings whilst others may well appreciate new knowledge presented here and to which they are sincerely welcome. All I know is that wherever you are in the world, my only intention is for you to enjoy reading my blogs.

In a fast becoming authoritarian woken broken world, here comes the disclaimer. This website is intended for reader enjoyment purposes only. The content consists of my free expressions. These are my personal truths; they are not a service or product. More, my blogs do not constitute guidance or recommendations of any kind and for which the reader should seek professional advice. I make no claim of completeness or accuracy of my work and, while precautions have been taken in the preparation of my website, I assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the interpretation, understanding and use of any information or content from the website. In viewing my work, readers assume responsibility for their own lives. Indeed, if you are even slightly ‘woke’ or easy to dudgeon then perhaps this isn’t the website for you.

‘Does today’s ubiquitous repository of on-line knowledge (all within a microsecond’s reach through most search engines) engender the feeling that “stuff on the web” is common property that’s up for grabs and to be copied freely? If so, it’s no wonder that theft by plagiarism is on the rise, and with it a sense of entitlement to do so.’ (Fox, S. 2020. Thinking About Plagiarism. Brisbane. Dr Stephen Fox … copies available on request.)

Given the above remarks on plagiarism, and except where otherwise cited and referenced, please note that all content on this website is the copyright of Dr Stephen Fox with all rights reserved. My images are deemed to be for editorial use and are protected by COPYTRACK. If you are inclined to use any of my stuff in your own work then please cite me and reference it back to my website. Thank you for respecting my copyright.